Our partecipation in
Business Meets Innovation

We are proud we have attended in "Business Meets Innovation", an initiative promoted by the Dutch-Italian Chamber of commerce and that we win the first challenge of the project: "Close the data gap".

What is ConsulHub?

A meeting place, a place where ideas and experiences come in and projects and solutions come out. A place where professionals with different backgrounds (professional, managers, consultants) bring their viewpoints in and share opinions to find original methods and solutions, groundbreaking ideas that can support companies.

Our Commitment

Walking together

Using the most modern methods and practices as of management and organizational analysis,  going along the company during its different life steps, from being a mere business idea to the moment in which it is ready to grow, in managing the ordinary and in preparing for change, both in good times (diversification, development) and in bad times (re-organization, crisis management, relaunch). 


There is no solution that is valid for everyone and over time, both for a company’s intrinsic factors, that make it unique, and for external reasons that make the environment extremely competitive and dynamic, ever changing. Our professional expertise is constantly updated on the best practices, on multiple experiences and the comparison with primary stakeholders allow to embrace the key points to supporting companies from different angles, looking for pragmatic, innovative and efficient solutions.


- Study and Research

- Consolidated expertise

- Update and Training

- Best Practices

- Modular or integrated support

- Pragmatism

- Innovation

- Professional multidisciplinarity

- Uniqueness in solutions

– Team Working

Our Services


Outsourcing Finance Department

Group Reporting package

Management Reporting

Management Account

Management Account

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Plan & Budgeting


Early Warning Systems

Risk Dashboard for board of Directors and Statutory Auditors


Due Diligence & BP

Company Reports

Merger & Acquisition / Turnaround

Financial Planning, Transfer Price


Industrial Partners Research

Fundraising & Financial Partner Research

Project Financing for Foreign Branches


Corporate, Fiscal and Legal Support

Bankruptcy, Insovency & Corporate Restructuring

Tax Litigation and Tax Rulings

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Our team

We are a network made of professionals with consolidated expertise that decided to come together and unite their experiences to offer customers an integrated service. Looking at different subiect matters with different perspectives allow to give pragmatic, effective and innovative solutions. Experience and qualification then help to better channel innovation into safe and efficient managements methodologies.

Nicola Spadaro


Business consultant with consolidated experience as CFO in banks. He handles administration and fiscal roles, strategical planning and management control. Experiences as Audit in Big Four Companies and Strategic Control of listed companies.

Giacomo Romano

Business Consultant

Pluriannual experience in Financial Analysis, Management Account, working in national and multinational groups while holding different postions. He also handled the planning of Business Intelligence’s systems.

Adelio Bollini

Chartered Accountant & Auditor

He is a delegate for BTF, with regard to corporate finance and business development. He also collaborates to the launch of start-up companies in the fields of industrial patents and advanced technologies.

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