A new way of reading and managing your company's information

Our proposal

We want help companies through powerful and innovative software and our experience in management accounting to implement a modular and customized reporting and analysis system, with time and money saving compared to more tradidional solutions.


We use data analysis methodologies and sw dinamic and flexible to create strategic informations to be able to measure company performance and support the decisions of the entrepreneur or the corporate manager (from day to day choices to strategic ones).

The vision

Our proposal is only in part related to technology. We want to stress contents, focus on the questions that the entrepreneur should ask himself to control and anticipate the business trend, the customer’s profitability and the sales force one, marketing initiatives, working capital management, cash flow simulation and so on.

Easy access to Data Sources

We can use a large range of Data Sources, from ERP system to unstructured ones (Excell sheets, DB Access, Web sources…)

Unlimited analysis

The Business Analysis is applicable to any sector and to all areas of business management. Some examples:

*Management Accounting

*KPI & Ratios

*Balanced Scorecard

*Inventory analysis and stock turnover


*Inventory cost analysis

*Supplier analysis

*Order management

*Overheads analysis

*Staff costs analysis

*Absence rate analysis

*Work shift management

*Costing (order management)

* Plant efficiency analysis

*Equipment troubleshooting analysis

*Due data analysis

*Cash flows

*Average collection days

*Customers and suppliers payments

*Past due credit management

*Sales trend analysis

* Variance analysis

*Budget & Forecast

*Analisi redditività

An infinite set of reports and analyses